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Florida Workplace Harassment and Wrongful Termination Lawyer

Have you been a victim of wrongful termination? Have you been wrongly denied unemployment benefits? Perhaps you are an employer who believes a past employee is not eligible for unemployment, based on their reason for separation from your company. Whatever the situation, it always pays to have a skilled Jacksonville unemployment compensation attorney represent you in your appeal hearing.

Unemployment compensation law is complex. There is a fine line in distinguishing what is a “good reason” for an employee’s voluntary resignation from their position. Similarly, it is hard to define “employee misconduct” in a steadfast manner. For these reasons, it is crucial to hire a Jacksonville unemployment compensation lawyer to help demonstrate your side of the story in a dispute of this nature. Winning at your appeal hearing can dramatically affect your finances, whether you are a past employee or an employer.

Workplace Harassment in Jacksonville, FL

Workplace harassment can take many forms. It may include discrimination based on; sex, race, age, religion, and disability. Unfortunately, many victims are unaware of their right to take legal action. If you believe you are experiencing workplace harassment or discrimination, contact an experienced Jacksonville workplace harassment lawyer to learn of possible compensation recoveries. Our Jacksonville workplace harassment attorney will review your case and provide you helpful legal advice.

Wrongful Termination in Florida

Although Florida is among the few states that adhere to the employment at will doctrine, there are cases where wrongful termination can take place. In some cases, a wrongful termination can occur if you reported an illegal activity, or resisted a sexual advance by your manager. Other wrongful termination cases are due to discrimination and harassment. If you’re unsure whether your case falls under wrongful termination, contact Jacksonville wrongful termination lawyer for experienced help. We will thoroughly review your case and help you take legal action.

Contact a Jacksonville Unemployment Compensation Lawyer

If you are planning to appeal an unemployment eligibility determination, contact Jacksonville unemployment compensation lawyer. He has experience fighting for his clients in appeals hearings and has a reputation for being a top Jacksonville unemployment compensation attorney. He can help you prepare evidence in your favor and represent you at the hearing.

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